How Korean women take care of their skin

Radiation protection

Korean girls are taking extra care of their skin to protect themselves from Solar radiation they always try to don’t go out of the house without sunscreen and sometimes they also use an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun
and if we talk about what product they use to protect themselves they are using natural skin brighteners like(rice extracts)


the Korean people are awesome they clean their skin from the fat and from the surplus oil and the black dots because it can drive into premature aging they always so w understand that we always need to take advance care to have beautiful skin, you can clean your skin daily by massage it with an oil cleaner

use a mask while you’re sleeping
when you’re sleeping your skin cells change and it starts to Renewed so it’s the best time to make it smooth, so it’s better to put a mask during sleeping it will make your skin so soft and will help to take out all the fat


lips oil
you can also put a lips oil (you can use it during sleep) it gets into your lips and makes them smooth and gives them a better color when you use lipstick my favorite one is ChapStick (you can buy it at amazon)

Korean women always do a steam massage for face
you can always have a steam massage easily in any skin clinic, and you can do by yourself a massage by your fingers only, just massage your forehead and your cheeks ( but steam massage is better if you can afford it)

Drink Tea
if you go to a korean house or if you know a korean person you will notice that they are drinking tea a lot they give it to the babies to make their skin more smooth and cleaner, and also it can improve the blood circulation (Moroccan people also drink tea so much)

try to exercise your Oral muscles
try to exercise your oral muscles it will improve your blood circulation around your mouth and will make the areas around your mouth more bright, there’s a lot of product on for oral muscles or you can exercise your mouth through this video on youtube.

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