How to praper Moroccan TAJIN with chicken

Moroccan tajin with chickens:
Morocco has a lot of delicious dishes and one of them called “Tajin”
Tajin is one of the traditional and the main dishes in Morocco and it has been a Moroccan main dishes about 150+years ago and now we will show you how to prepare it easily so let’s start:

the Ingredients:
some chickens 500gram (if you want to add more it’s ok but don’t put more than 1000gram)
3 onions
1 Garlic
Cilantro and parsley
Olive oil
Preserved lemons
Lemon Juice


Preparing method:
-First: put the Saffron in some warm water for about 10min
-then quarter the preserved lemon separate the pulp from the skin, chop the pulp and reserve the skin for later
-chop the parsley and cilantro
-Grate the garlic cloves

Marinating the chicken:
make a Mixture from the chopped parsley and cilantro, chopped preserved lemon pulp, garlic, ground paprika, ginger, cumin, pepper, saffron water, and olive oil in and put it into a bowl. and mix it well
put the chicken into the bowl and massage it then cover and refrigerate for more than one hour
after that let’s sett the main tajin
flake the peel and chop the onions, and put olive oil with onions in the tajin after that add the chicken into the tajin and add some salt and add the mixture over the chicken
How to cook?
simmer the tajin for one hour and after 45min put some olive oil and add olives and let it cook for another 15-20min (you can taste the tajin from time to time and see if it need some salt)

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